The Anderson powerpole is a great little connector family. A two-conductor version has be come the standard for 12vdc power in amateur radio and other arenas. A two-conductor red+black powerpole can now be found for under US$1.

Several vendors sell nice power distribution fuseboxes using powerpole connectors. These are great for their intended purpose, but large, expensive, overkill for some uses.


Mini Rig Power!

This project is about a small, lower-cost distribution board. Features: - Mini-blade automotive fuses (type ATM) - Four input/output powerpole connectors - expandable by cascading multiple boards - LED power-on indicator - optional LED fuse-blown indicators - 20A max per fuse (based on specification of the fuseholder)

page under construction

This page about building your own is still under construction.

Detailed documentation will be added here.

Bare boards will be available from OSH park. Kits of parts may be available.

For more info about this project, contact K4TPF.